Steam Days - May 2019

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Trains of thought

The Drummond ‘Paddleboxes’
Chris Andrews explains how the Dugald Drummond 4-6-0 ‘T14s’ metamorphosed from elegant Edwardian swans into ugly ducklings.

Loughborough (Great Central)
Fifty years after BR closed the line through Loughborough (Central) station, from May 5, 1969, Stanley C Jenkins and Kevin Tiller look at how the London Extension served the town in GCR, LNER and British Railways days.

STEAM DAYS in colour - 173: Montrose freight trips
As late as 1966 ex-NBR 0-6-0s were operating to and from Montrose from their home in Dundee.

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An East Midlands ‘shed bash’ – June 1961
Bruce Laws describes a memorable trip with fellow railway enthusiasts visiting ten locomotive sheds.

A Cambrian summer: 1946
The discovery of an old diary takes Frederick Rogers back to the summer of 1946 on the Cambrian Division.


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