Steam Days - March 2019

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Trains of thought

Spotlight on Foxhall Junction, Didcot
David Anderson recalls the history of the former GWR junction at the south end of Didcot’s West curve, its use, and the important wartime Command ordnance depot nearby.

Fort William engine shed and the locomotives of the West Highland line
The main line to Fort William celebrates its 125th year in 2019. Roger Griffiths and John Hooper review the West Highland Railway’s principal engine shed and offer a survey of steam classes there.

STEAM DAYS in colour - 171: Southern freight: Eastern Division
Made up of ex-South Eastern & Chatham Railway and two light railways, long-lived motive power was common on the Southern Region’s South Eastern goods operations through into the early 1960s.

The life and times of Stanier ‘5XP’ Silver Jubilee
Following in the wake of un-named classmate LMS No 5552, Andrew Wilson looks at the career of the Stanier 3-cylinder ‘5XP’ that took the same running number when named to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V.

Great Eastern locomotive analysis
‘Swedebasher’ reflects on the express motive power scene during his years on the Great Eastern Section lines of BR.

Tail Lamp – readers’ letters