Steam Days - January 2019

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Trains of thought

Off the road at Marley Junction, Bingley
Gordon D Reed recalls the incident when Ivatt ‘4MT’ 2-6-0 No 43074 derailed at Marley Junction in the West Riding of Yorkshire in September 1964.

The last years of the Peppercorn ‘A1’ Pacifics
The final two years of the last LNER-designed Pacifics are reviewed by Roger Haigh and Barry Mounsey.

STEAM DAYS in colour - 169: Warwickshire steam
Tom Williams acquired his first 35mm camera for the sole purpose of shooting colour slide film, the images here being recorded by him between 1954 and 1963.

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By train to Crewe works: 1963 and 1965
Mike Page remembers four rail tour visits from the Midlands into the heart of the railways of Crewe.

The life and times of LB&SCR Atlantic ‘Beachy Head’
With construction of a replica now advanced, Andrew Wilson describes the career of ‘H2’ class Beachy Head through to its withdrawal in 1958.

Tail Lamp – readers’ letters