Steam Days - October 2018

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Trains of thought

Gordon Highlander marches south
David Anderson and Andrew Kennedy give the backdrop to the preservation of the last GNSR 4-4-0 and cover its rail tour debut as a pre-Grouping celebrity, the SLS ‘Golden Jubilee’ special to Dumfries on 13 June 1959.

The life and times of Flying Scotsman
Celebrating its 95th year in 2018, ‘Flying Scotsman’ is more popular than ever. Andrew Wilson separates the myths from the facts.

STEAM DAYS in colour - 166: British Rail steam in 1968 revisited
Locomotives operated on the brink of extinction, mostly filthy and looking tired. However, the rail tours were often hauled by immaculate, spruced up engines.

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Southern footplate memories
Tom Rayner gathers stories of life on the footplate from railwaymen in good and bad times during their days on Southern Railway and Southern Region locomotives.

The Severn Bridge Railway
Linking Berkeley and Sharpness with Lydney and the Forest of Dean, Colin G. Maggs MBE provides a history of the railway that crossed the River Severn and ended it days when the bridge was struck by two barges.

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