Steam Days - September 2018

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Trains of thought

GWR ‘Hall’ class No 4900 Saint Martin
The first ‘Hall’ class 4-6-0 was no more and no less than a ‘Saint’ with 6ft diameter coupled wheels and a new cab, an engine that remained a hybrid until withdrawn, as Roger Haigh relates.

Hawick’s sub-sheds
Roger Griffiths and John Hooper look at the history and duties of Hawick’s sub-sheds, those with a long-term association – St. Boswells, Kelso, Jedburgh and Riccarton Junction – as well as short-term affiliation with Duns, Reedsmouth, Rothbury and Howford.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 165: Southampton steam
The development of Southampton and its port owes much to the coming of the railway, while Southampton enjoyed the last express main line steam services on BR.

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Robinson’s ‘Q4’ and ‘O5’ 8-coupled engines
W.A.T. Aves looks at the engines of the GCR ‘8A’ and ‘8M’ classes, as well as the creation of the ‘Q1’ 0-8-0Ts and Robinson’s experiments with alternative fuels.

Steam Days at Wellingborough
Reached by the London & Birmingham Railway’s Peterborough branch in 1845, and then a Midland Railway main line 12 years later, Stanley Jenkins traces the railway history of this Northamptonshire town.

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