Steam Days - August 2018

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Trains of thought

Engine cleaning at Bournemouth shed
Tom Rayner relates the memories of the late George Crouch, who started his life on the railways in 1950 as an engine cleaner at the age of 15 at Bournemouth locomotive depot.

Remembering 1968 – Fifty years on
Frederick Rogers recalls 1968, the culmination of a decade of change and upheaval, and a year that saw the demise of British Railways standard gauge steam.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 164: Herefordshire steam
We look at Hereford and trains working in the county from the late 1950s into the 1960s.

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The Last LNER Pacific – A.H. Peppercorn
The last Pacific built at Doncaster Works in 1947 - ‘A2’ No 525 - was a different looking locomotive to its immediate predecessor, as Andrew Wilson explains.

Hawick locomotive depot
Situated alongside the Waverley Route, Roger Griffiths and John Hooper provide a detailed review of Hawick locomotive shed and the duties undertaken from there.


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