Steam Days - September 2017

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Trains of Thought

Trying to improve the ‘Lord Nelsons’
Philip Atkins explains how the Southern Railway attempted to improve the performance of its prestigious Maunsell-designed ‘Lord Nelson’ class 4-6-0s.

Steam Days at Southend
Served by the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway and the Great Eastern Railway, Stanley Jenkins offers a historical overview of the railways of this busy Essex seaside town.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - No 153: Steam on the Cambrian Dovey Junction to Barmouth
Images from perhaps the most picturesque section of the scenic Cambrian Coast route.

Steam Days subscriptions

The West Riding steam finale
Keith Widdowson’s travels on the final Saturday of operations around Bradford and Leeds.

Nottingham to Aberdeen and beyond: An East Coast adventure
David Martin recalls visits by train from Nottingham to the Aberdeen area in 1964.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters