Steam Days - June 2017

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Trains of Thought

The Ben Alder story
Philip Atkins tracks the story of the Highland Railway 4-4-0 that many hoped would be restored and preserved for the National Collection.

Steam Days at Bedford
First reached by the L&NWR and then the Midland Railway, Stanley Jenkins provides a detailed survey of the lines around this county town.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - No 150: Southern Region engine sheds
From sheds where one engine received coal, water and overnight accommodation to locations where scores of locomotives were on the books.

Steam Days subscriptions

The Swindon to Highworth branch
Colin G. Maggs MBE provides a history of this Wiltshire branch line that lost its passenger services in 1953, its truncated remains still exist as part of the Network Rail system today.

The Durham Rail Tour of 13 October 1962
Jointly organised by the Manchester Locomotive and Stephenson Locomotive societies, G.L. Pallister vividly recalls a memorable day of travel.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters