Steam Days - January 2017

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Trains of Thought

Gresley’s ‘Ragtimers’ – His first Great Northern 2-6-0s
Completed between 1912 and 1921 as classes ‘H2’ and ‘H3’, then becoming LNER ‘K1’ and ‘K2’, Bill Aves reviews the life and times of this 75-strong fleet of Moguls.

By steam to the Clyde coast
Destined for the Isle of Arran, G.L. Pallister recalls a trip from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, across Glasgow to the Clyde Coast, and a return journey via Kilmarnock.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 145: East Devon branch lines

A look at some of the ex-SR East Devon branch lines in the golden era of British seaside holidays.

Steam Days subscriptions

GWR lines around Bath
Stanley C. Jenkins offers an overview of the GWR’s operations and infrastructure around Bath

Journeys into the unknown! World War II evacuation trains
Gillian Mawson relates some experiences from those who were evacuated to locations far and wide in the British Isles during World War II.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters

DVD review