Steam Days - December 2016

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Trains of Thought

Liverpool to Plymouth by train
Edward Godfrey fondly recalls a summer 1961 nine-hour journey from Liverpool (Lime Street) to Plymouth, something he undertook each year until 1963.

The further travels of a Southern employee: 1952 to 1958
By now broadening his horizons, Neil Sprinks recalls some highlights of his then near constant quest to experience railways throughout Great Britain, Ireland and across swathes of Europe.

STEAM DAYS in Colour 144: Scottish rail tours: North of the Forth and Clyde
Countless engines played their part as enthusiast specials reached virtually every inch of the Scottish Region by rail tour in the early 1960s.

Gorton Works and its locomotives: The pre-Grouping era
Andrew Wilson charts the development of the Great Central Railway works up to 1923.

How good were the ‘4Fs’?
Andrew James takes a look through performance logs and wonders if the LMS ‘4Fs’ are often too harshly judged.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters