Steam Days - November 2016

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Trains of Thought

Rails around Coltness and Shotts: The coal era
Robin Nelson reveals how the collieries of the Coltness and Shotts iron works companies, and some associated cement manufacture and brick-making, kept much of the local freightonly network active well into BR days.

The Ilfracombe branch
Much lamented as a railway that should never have closed, Stanley Jenkins presents the history of the 15-mile route from Barnstaple Junction through to the North Devon coast at Ilfracombe.

STEAM DAYS in Colour
143: Sir Nigel Gresley’s finest A selection of Derek Penny photographs of Sir Nigel Gresley’s locomotives and rebuilds.

The many guises of the LMS ‘Patriots’
Andrew Kennedy considers the ever-changing look of the class since the emergence of the first engines as ‘Converted Claughtons’ in 1930.

Britain’s Titled Trains: ‘The Inter-City’
Roger Haigh recalls the 15-year history of the Western Region named express that ran between England’s first and second cities.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters