Steam Days - June 2016

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Trains of Thought

Blackpool – May Bank Holiday 1967
Barry Mounsey recalls the day when Blackpool returned briefly to the heyday of the steamhauled day-trip to the seaside.

Bristol’s Bath Road and St. Philip’s Marsh sheds and their duties – 1959 to 1964
The facilities and roles played by two very different ex-GWR sheds are reviewed by Steve Bartlett, taking us from a largely steamhauled operation in the city through to their closure to steam.

STEAM DAYS in Colour
No 138: Scottish rail tours around the south, Glasgow and Edinburgh
Rail tour itineraries in 1960s favoured out of the way haunts and notable motive power.

Great Central survivors
Just two J.G. Robinson-designed locomotives reached preservation – Philip Atkins considers these gems of the National Collection.

Twelve hours at Poole station: August 1962
Colin Stone dissects a Traffic Survey taken at Poole on Saturday, 11 August 1962.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ letters

Tail Lamp extra – Rarely photographed engines