Steam Days - November 2013

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Locomotive Names and their Origins: The World War I Battle ‘J36’ 0-6-0s
David Anderson tracks the ten North British Railway ‘Standard Goods’ engines that served with the Railway Operating Division of the War Department and then carried the names of towns and battles at the heart of the conflict in France and Belgium, as well as providing an overview of the battles themselves.

The Chippenham to Calne Branch
Bringing home the bacon, Colin G. Maggs MBE tells the story of the short Great Western Railway branch line from Chippenham to Calne in Wiltshire.

STEAM DAYS in Colour 107: The Colour of 1963
Fifty years ago the country was rocked by the publication of the so-called Beeching Report – the Reshaping of British Railways – but for now there was much of the traditional railway scene still largely unchanged, while the growth of railway preservation often added a splash of colour, as did the wealth of enthusiasts’ tours over threatened lines with endangered locomotive classes.

Keith Widdowson’s Hunt for Steam-Haulage 1: North and West of Shrewsbury 1964 to 1966
A voyage of discovery into Shropshire fuelled a desire to travel behind as many steam locomotives as possible, Shrewsbury and Chester becoming the stepping stones for trips over ex-L&NWR, Cambrian, and GWR lines in Wales and on the border with the high-speed Paddington to Birkenhead trains being irresistible.

A Day Out to Exeter (Central)
J. Crosse recalls a trip by train from Weston-super-Mare to Exeter in June 1963 when he and his friends recorded all the trains seen at Exeter (Central) station.

Trains of Thought

Tail Lamp – Readers’ Letters