Steam Days - August 2013

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Trains of Thought

Remembering 1963 – Fifty Years On
Regarded as the year in which the so-called ‘Beeching Report’ paved the way for a greatly reduced railway network, Frederick Rogers also recalls the ‘Big Freeze’, regional boundary changes, and other milestones or unusual events.

STEAM DAYS in Colour
104: Ken Wightman’s look at Southern Region Steam With the post-war restart to the Southern Railway’s third-rail electrification plans under BR, and some limited dieselisation, Ken Wightman captured much of the steam age scene south of the Thames before it would change forever.

The GN/GE Joint Line
A.J. Ludlam provides a detailed account of the creation and operation of the important Joint line that ran from Huntingdon to Doncaster, via March, Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln and Gainsborough.

Life Before Preservation – The Festiniog Railway
With 2013 being the 150th anniversary of the introduction of steam locomotives on the Festiniog Railway, Andrew Wilson gives an overview of this iconic narrow gauge railway from 1832 until its salvation in 1954.

Tail Lamp – Readers’ Letters