Steam Days - July 2013x

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The '4700' class 2-8-0s of the GWR, Part 2 < The BR Days.
This is the follow up article to the first part that appeared in the May
2013 issue of the magazine, which proved to be very popular. The Great Western Society at Didcot are constructing one of these engines from scratch, and I believe are placing an insert in this issue of the magazine to help raise more funds for the project.

Upminster and the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway's Direct Line.
A historical article of Upminster and the two lines that passed through it.

Memories of two 1953 Railtours.
Neil Sprinks, following up on his memories in the May issue of the 1953 spring railtours that he participated in, now looks at the two tours he went on June 1965, sixty years ago, one to the Cromford & High Peak Railway in Derbyshire an the other to Exeter from London over Southern Railway metals.

The Scottish-based BR 'Britannia Pacific 'Firths'.
Five of the very popular BR 'Britannia' Pacifics were named after Scottish 'Firths, and four of these spent all their early life working in Scotland.

STEAM DAYS IN COLOUR 103: The LNER 'B2'/'B17' 4-6-0s.
These popular locomotives were all named after either stately homes or football teams and were much sought after by enthusiasts. They were working in Eastern England, East Anglia, and the North East. A great all-colour photo-feature.