Steam Days - May 2013

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Trains of Thought - The GN/L&NW Joint Line
Stanley Jerkins track the rise and fall of the 44-mile railway network linking the GNR Nottingham to Grantham line with the L&NWR system near Market Harborough, the Joint route enabling the Great Northern to extend into Leicester and reach Market Harborough, and the L&NWR to server Nottingham.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 101:LMS '2P' class 4-4-0s
The '2Ps' built by the LMS from 1928 were really a post-Grouping development of the Midland Railway Class '483s', a class created in 1912 under Henry Fowler as 'renewals' of Johnson-designed engines from the 1980s and 1890s, the '483s' being rated '2P'by the LMS. We seek out some of the last pre-Grouping survivors at work, as well as their post-Grouping variants.

Out & About on Rail Tours: Part One - Spring 1953
Sixty years ago Neil Sprinks travelled on nine rail tours in one year, his April and May trips being recounted here. These range from a high-profile multi-train 'Locospotters' trip, to locally organized afternoon excursions over threatened lines with notable pre-Grouping locomotives and stock.

The Days of the Great Western '4700' class 2-8-0s Part One - 1919 to 1947
Richard Woodley recollects some stirring '4700' class express sightings, and then considers their GWR days, when as the very backbone of the long distance freight traffic from Paddington their mixed traffic prowess went untapped.

Tail Lamp - Readers' Letters