Steam Days - March 2013

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Trains of Thought

The Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway
Envisaged with grand plans to cross the width of Britain, from Warrington to the Lincolnshire coast, A.J. Ludlam tells the story of the railway that was in fact only ever completed between sheffield, Chesterfield, and Lincoln.

'Tearing about the iron road' - a Taton Engineman's Tales
Sitting with relations as they recall the highlights of their everyday working lives can often be fascinating, as Roderick H. Fowkes found during many conversations with fellow railwayman William Webb (1905-2000).

Steam Days in Colour
99: Steam Cameraman - Dick Riley - Part 2: Southern 4-6-0s

The SR inherited numerous 4-6-0 classes from the L&SWR, some poor and others excellent, CME Richard Maunsell adding his own derivatives. Prior to the arrival of Bulleid's Pacifics, these were the backbone of the fleet. However, there was still plenty of work for the 4-6-0s well into the 1960s, albeit the duties shifted to reflect the effects of modernisation across the Region.

Rails around Oakengates
Stanley C. Jenkins describes the railway development of an industrial heartland since overshadowed by the birth and growth of neighbouring Telford, while David Bradshaw adds recollections of the GWR, LMS and industrial lines of his home town.

The London, Tilbury & Southern Railway and Glasgow & South Western Railway 0-6-2Ts
W.A.T Aves provides a historic overview of two 0-6-2T fleets from the Whitelegg father and son perspective, the ex-LT&SR engines living on to become one of the last intact pre-Grouping classes in BR ownership.

Tail Lamp - Readers' Letters