Steam Days - January 2013

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Trains of Thought - Steam Days at Poole
Colin Stone unravels the railway history of his hometown, including main line, Somerset & Dorset, 'Old Road', dockside and pottery lines.

Kinnaber Junction - the Finishing Line
We have all spent time watching for lever pulls and the next semaphore signal to take up the 'off' position - John Macnab recalls such a time at the legendary point where the west Coast and East Coast main lines met in Angus.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 97:Newton Abbot to Kingswear
Peter W. Gray, with local knowledge, makes for Kingswear, his photography embracing the scenic splendour of this branch.

Oxford to Cambridge by train
Part Two: Bletchley to Cambridge ... and the Fall and Rise of the Varsity Line
Bill Simpson resumes his journey between the two university cities, taking the earliest and surviving section of the route, from Bletchley to Bedford, then the long-lost Bedford & Cambridge Railway, and concluding with the post- 1959 story of contrasting fortunes.

Life Before Preservation - The BR Riddles '4MT' 2-6-4Ts
Andrew Wilson looks at the BR carrers of the fifteen BR Standard '80000' 2-6-4Ts that are still with us today.

Tail Lamp - Readers' Letters