Railways Illustrated - April, 2018

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Railways Illustrated takes a detailed look at the world-renowned North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which runs through some of the UK’s most stunning natural landscapes.


It’s plain to see
Network Rail takes management of its infrastructure very seriously, and one of its tools in ensuring track is in good condition is its fleet of four Plain Line Pattern Recognition trains. Pip Dunn took a trip on board to find out more.

Barrow Hill – Roundhouse Survivor
Alex Fisher tells the remarkable story of a depot that refused to die after it was abandoned by British Rail in February 1991.

Seymour – No More!
Chris Booth examines the once-busy Seymour Junction area near Barrow Hill, which dealt with coal trains from several collieries.

Class 90 Testing
After unearthing some old photographs from 30 years ago, Gordon Kirkby sheds new light on the testing and introduction of the Class 90 fleet.