Railways Illustrated - September 2016

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1G21 Remembered – Virgin Class 87’s Final Fling
Nick Ross recalls the final workings by Virgin Class 87s during a few glorious months in 2006.

GBRf – The Battle for Capacity
GBRf MD John Smith gives his view on the challenges facing the UK rail freight sector, while Editor Mark Nicholls samples one of the company’s typical aggregate flows.

Out of the Blue pt4
Nigel Antolic concludes his analysis of the demise of BR blue on the Class 47 fleet.

Summer surprises
Photo feature covering some of June’s diesel galas.

NSE Remembered
A brief look back at Network SouthEast, which was formed 30 years ago.

Beeching Successes
Dr Richard Beeching’s infamous report of 1963 led to the closure of a third of the UK’s railway system. However, he did actually get some things right.

The Night Ferry
David Staines recalls the international Night Ferry sleeper service, a train that probably exceeded its sell-by date.

Down by the Seaside
Greg Morse describes a series of family holidays to Dawlish in 1985/86, watching the wide variety of trains passing by.





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