PC Pilot - September/October 2019

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Heatblur’s DCS: F-14 Tomcat
Is this the best module ever produced for DCS World?

Orbx’s Australia V2
Orbx returns home

Colimata’s Concorde
The supersonic icon for X-Plane 11

X-Crafts’ ERJ Family
The workhorse of the US regional jet market

An environmental game-changer


Just Flight’s 747 Classic
After more than a year in development, the highly anticipated Just Flight 747 Classic is nearing completion. We caught up with Richard Slater and Martyn Northall to get a behind-the-scenes look at what Just Flight claims is its “largest and most complex aircraft to date”.

Aerosoft’s A330 Professional
We spoke to Aerosoft’s Project Manager, Mathijs Kok, about their upcoming A330 and the anticipation that surrounds this new addition to their Airbus family.

MicroProse – World Exclusive
Earlier this year we learned that MicroProse had been re-launched. We invited its CEO, David Lagettie, to take part in an interview to discuss his plans for this iconic brand.


Microsoft Flight Simulator - The software giant is back
Microsoft surprised everyone in the flight simulation industry with the announcement that it was relaunching its Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. We have an in-depth report and take a detailed look at its trailer, shot in 4K resolution, which showcases many of the features already in place.

Baron’s Combat Corner - Air Combat Simulation for beginners, Part 1
Derek Davis launches a new air combat series with an introduction for those new to this genre of flight simulation.

Baron’s Combat Corner - Falcon: History of a classic combat flight simulation, Part 2
In part one, we saw how the early versions of Spectrum Holobyte’s Falcon series raised the bar for combat flight simulation. In part two, we see how that tradition was perpetuated with the release of Falcon 4.0, Falcon 4: Allied Force and Falcon BMS.

Challenging Airports - Annecy, France (LFLP)
Tucked away in the eastern corner of France, Annecy is on the doorstep of the high Alps. We look at this charming but challenging airfield.

Agusta Bell 412 Flight Adventure
In our Flight Adventure this issue, we fly one of the most enduring workhorses in military and civilian aviation, the Agusta Bell 412 helicopter.

FlightSimExpo 2019
Thomas Haynes reports on North America’s largest flight simulation event, which took place in the theme park city of Orlando.


Hewlett Packard's Reverb Pro VR Headset
We take a close look at one of the most anticipated virtual reality headsets on the market, the Hewlett Packard Reverb Pro, which offers one of the clearest and highest resolutions currently available.


GA Back to Basics: Preparing for complex navigation
In this issue, we examine some of the basics that better prepare us for complex navigation techniques.

Upgrading Your PC - A special guide
Choosing the right computer specification for running flight simulators is one of the more daunting challenges we face. We provide an overview of which components to select when upgrading your computer on a budget.