PC Pilot - Sept/Oct 2018

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Old Smokey - Aerosoft’s Douglas DC-8

Something of a ‘Bonanza’- Carenado’s F33A Bonanza

Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado’s F33A Bonanza

DCS World’s stunning new theatre - DCS: Persian Gulf Map

A return to roots - Orbx’s CityScene Gold Coast and Gold Coast Airport

British Bulldog – Aeroplane Heaven’s Bristol Bulldog


Prepar3D – The story so far…
In this special feature, we interview Adam Breed, Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Project Manager for Prepar3D and take an inside look at the simulation’s development.

Aerosoft A318/A319 - Winfried Diekmann Interview
With the release of the A318/A319 professional - the company’s first Airbus for Prepar3D v4 - we met up with Aerosoft’s Managing Director Winfried Diekmann at the company’s offices in Paderborn to discuss all things Airbus.

REX Simulations - A force to be reckoned with
We catch up with Reed Stough and Tim Fuchs from REX Simulations to talk about their two latest projects: Weather Force and Environment Force.


Viva Las Vegas - FlightSimExpo 2018
FlightSimExpo was one of the most anticipated events within the flight simulation community this year. We travelled to Las Vegas to find out more.

Challenging Airports: Alert, Nunavut, Canada (CYLT)
In this instalment of our Challenging Airports series, we travel to the uniquely situated, northernmost permanently inhabited place on the planet: Alert, Canada.

Flight Adventure - Torres Strait Islands
Following our previous Flight Adventure in New Zealand, Peter Stark travels across the tropics of northern Australia and flies the regular run that supports the remote communities of the Torres Strait.

Wings Over Flanders Fields - Part 2
In the second part of our look at Wings Over Flanders Fields, we focus on the in-sim elements of this simulation, which includes the scenery, the graphical representation and flight fidelity of the aircraft, the weather, career mode and the unique and innovative artificial intelligence.

Virtual Airlines: ProjectFLY
In this issue, Jessica Bannister-Pearce looks at ProjectFLY - a community hub which allows simmers from all backgrounds to come together and fly any aircraft on any route.


Airliner Simulation: Part 7 - Descent and landing preparation
In the final episode of our airliner tutorial, we plan the descent and landing phase of the flight.

GA Back to Basics: Visual Navigation
In Stage 2 of our PPL syllabus, we will expand your understanding of navigation, engine and airframe performance, as well as maps and charts as we work through several navigation training flights.