PC Pilot - July/Aug 2018

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Eagle Dynamics’ DCS World 2.5

Eagle Dynamics’ DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

Flight1’s B200 King Air v2

Orbx’s Netherlands TrueEarth HD

MilViz’s Cessna 310R Redux

FlyTampa’s Corfu for X-Plane

Just Flight’s C152


A2A Simulations
In this special feature, we interview Scott Gentile, owner of A2A Simulations, and discuss his latest project, the Beechcraft V-Tail Bonanza, Prepar3D version 4, his new Accu-Sim engine, along with his future plans.


Avialsa, Wildfire Warriors
Richard Benedikz travelled to Spain to discover how flight simulators are being used to improve safety in firefighting.

Challenging Airports: Lord Howe Island (YLHI), Australia
In this instalment of our Challenging Airports series, we cover our first Australian airport after skirting the continent on previous trips to New Zealand and Antarctica.

Wings Over Flanders Fields
With this year marking the centenary of the end of World War One in 1918, it seemed fitting to take a look at what is probably the most detailed and comprehensive simulation of the 1914-1918 air war produced to date: Wings over Flanders Fields.

Virtual Airlines: TUI Virtual
This issue, Jessica Bannister-Pearce features a more ‘standard’ airline that follows its real-world counterpart and is one of the UK’s oldest VAs, TUI Virtual.

The 16th annual German Flight Sim Conference
Aerosoft held its FS Conference at the world’s biggest general aviation show, Aero Friedrichtshafen. Read Jessica Bannister-Pearce's report on this fabulous show.


Airliner Simulation: Part 6 - Settling down in the cruise
In our previous tutorial we covered the take-off phase and discussed what to do in case of engine failure. In this issue, we pick up the flight at the end of the climb-out segment at 1,500ft.

GA Back to Basics: Getting through the checkride
Peter Stark, in this edition of his Back to Basics series, combines all the skills we have so far acquired to help us get through our checkride in order to obtain our Private Pilot Licence.

Flight Adventure
NZ Charter Pilot - Peter Stark explores the MilViz 310R Redux. We head back to the southern hemisphere and take on the job as a busy New Zealand charter pilot flying the MilViz 310R Redux.