PC Pilot - Mar-Apr 2017

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Editor’s Letter and Mungo – A Tribute



Cover CD


DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX

A2A Sims’ Captain of the Ship
L-049 Constellation

Just Flight HS 748 Propliner

MPDesign Studio
Aérospatiale Gazelle SA342

Alabeo C441 Conquest II

Vertigo Extra 300 SC

Aerosoft Genoa X

Aerosoft Menorca X Evolution

Orbx Valdez Pioneer Field

Challenging Airports
In this edition, Chris Frishmuth features the airport on Fernando de Noronha - a tiny airport 200 nautical miles off the coast of Brazil and discovers that it has its own unique considerations that make a visit worthwhile.

Just Flight 20
We interview Just Flight as the company celebrates 20 years in the flight sim industry.

Virtual Airlines
Jessica Bannister-Pearce takes a look at a lesser-known virtual airline: Adria Airways Virtual.

GA Back to Basics: Pre-flight and ground-handling procedures
In this issue Peter Stark offers advice on pre-flight procedures and how to handle our bird on the ground as we continue to learn how to fly your sim like a pro by simulating private pilot training.

Flight Adventure: Northern Germany
In this issue we explore northern Germany before tracking along the northern coastline to the East Frisian island village of Norderney…

Cockpit Building
Jessica Bannister-Pearce’s cockpit is heading towards the homeward stretch, however, it’s now time to tackle the Flight Control Unit.

Wired2Fire Sim X-15
Richard Benedikz takes a look at Wired2Fire’s new machine - the Sim X-15 – which uses the Kaby Lake processor and is equipped with the latest and fastest hardware currently available.

PC Maintenance
Jessica Bannister-Pearce offers some important hints and tips on keeping your PC in tip-top condition.

Flight Sim Q
Richard Benedikz covers a range of subjects in this issue including: the Oculus Rift, ATC audio, memory issues in FSX and AI traffic.

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