PC Pilot - Mar-Apr 2016

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Editor’s Letter
Cover CD


Majestic Dash 8 Pro Edition

Rotate's McDonnell Douglas MD-80

Milviz F-4E and F-4J/S Phantom II

Dovetail Skychaser

Imaginesim Atlanta International Airport

Aeroplane Heaven Miles Hawk Speed Six

Just Flight A1R Piel Emeraude

Aerosoft Skiathos X

Aerosoft Madiera X


Dovetail Games Interview
Dovetail Games share with us info on their upcoming flight simulators!

Aidan Fay’s Home Built Cockpit
We interview 17 year old Aidan Fay to discuss his home-built cockpit setup.

Challenging Airports - Vagar
Wedged between the freezing, windswept waters of the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, we visit the challenging airport at Vagar in the Faroe Islands.

Air Combat Simulation – Battle Of Stalingrad Updates
Derek Davis discusses the improvements and updates made to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.

Virtual Airlines
Jessica Bannister-Pearce gets the opportunity to fly with the Ministry of Defence Virtual Airline, tasked with military missions.

Flight Adventure
We cross the Andes to land at La Paz International Airport, the highest international airport in the world.

Cockpit Building
Jessica Bannister-Pearce continues her cockpit building by fitting panels into the pedestal.


Airliners – A Flight Sim Pilot’s Guide
Jane Whittaker introduces us to the flight management computer of the Dash 8-Q400.

A Flight Simmer’s Guide to the GPS
Peter Stark demonstrates advanced features of the GPS on a short flight from Barcelona.

DCS: MiG-21bis – Air-to-Ground Weapons - Part 3
We discuss the options for ground attack, including strafing runs!


Virtual Fly’s YOKO Yoke
Richard Benedikz reviews the durable all-metal YOKO yoke.


Flight Sim Q
Richard Benedikz answers a selection of queries, including installation of cover disk demos, internet security and Windows 10 compatibility.