PC Pilot - May/June 2015

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Editor’s Letter
Cover CD


Carenado Citation II

RealAir Turbo Duke V2

Alabeo Piper Sport

DreamFoil Creations Bell 407

Dangerous Approaches

Fly Tampa Toronto


Just Flight Interview
We interview Just Flight to find out more about the much anticipated Tornado GR1!

Aerosoft Interview
Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft discusses the company’s plans and his view on the current state of the hobby.

A2A Simulations Interview
We talk to Scott Gentile and members of the A2A Simulations team about their passion and innovative approach to flight simulation.

Challenging Airports
Chris Frishmuth takes us to Queenstown New Zealand for a challenging landing in the mountains!

Dovetail Games Interview
We chat with Aimee Sanjari, Brand Manager at Dovetail Games, about her passion for flight simulation, her role and the challenges that lie ahead.

Eagle Dynamics Interview
We interview Matt Wagner, Business Development Producer at Eagle Dynamics - the team behind the legendary DCS franchise, about DCS World 2.

DCS: Bf 109K-4 and MiG-15bis Previews
The DCS ‘juggernaut’ continues apace with the addition of two new aircraft to its virtual hangar: the MiG-15bis and the Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4. We invited their respective developers to give us an insight into the development of each of these projects.

Flight Adventure
Jane Whittaker takes us on a Canadian adventure, visiting Squamish, voted one of the top 10 most scenic aviation destinations in the world!

Cockpit Building
Jessica Bannister-Pearce looks at key software components for home cockpit builders.

A review of the standalone Aerofly 2 simulator for the Apple iPad.

Saitek Interview
Peter Wright interviews Saitek, the powerhouse producer of simulation hardware.


Jet Airliners – A Flight Sim Pilot’s Guide
Jane Whittaker takes us on a tutorial flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam with the PMDG Boeing 777.

A Flight Simmer’s Guide to Weather
Peter Stark discusses air circulation around the globe and how water vapour creates the phenomena of clouds.

DCS MiG-21bis – Navigation and fuel
Chris Frishmuth introduces us to navigating the MiG-21 and also offers advice on fuel management.