PC Pilot - March/April 2015

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Editor’s Letter


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Aerosoft F-14 X Tomcat

Just Flight TriStar Professional

Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X

A2A Cessna 182

ORBX Squamish

Wilco FK14 Polaris and LeMans

SkyMAXX Pro V2

Arma 3: Helicopters DLC


Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
We offer our appraisal of Dovetail’s version of Flight Simulator X.

A look at the amazing mobile version of X-Plane 10 and an Ipad version of the Boeing 777 electronic flight bag.

Challenging Airports
Chris Frishmuth takes us to Lugano in Switzerland with its mountainous terrain and steep IGS approach.

Flight Adventure
We take on the role of a “freight dog” on a flight from Port Moresby to Cairns.

Richard Benedikz travels to Barcelona to visit Virtual-Fly and gives us an overview of their flight simulation hardware.

Jessica Bannister-Pearce interviews one of the UK’s leading makers of dedicated flight simulation PCs.


Jet Airliners – A Flight Sim
Pilot’s Guide
Jane Whittaker explains the
arcane theory of reduced power take-offs and de-rates.

GA Tutorial – The FSX Checkride
Peter Stark concludes his discussion of the infamous FSX checkride!

A Flight Simmer's Guide to Weather
We embark on a new series offering a comprehensive overview of weather within desktop flight simulation.

DCS MiG-21bis – Take-off and Landing
Chris Frishmuth introduces us to the key concepts of take-off and landings with the superlative DCS MiG-21.

Air Combat Simulation
Derek Davis discusses pursuit paths. The path an attacker takes to converge on a target can mean the difference between winning or losing a dogfight!


Flight Sim Q
We answer a range of queries, from third-party weather engines, to sourcing aviation charts and installation of freeware aircraft.