PC Pilot - March/April 2014xx

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Editor’s Letter
Cover CD


Just Flight Duchess And Archer

Active Sky Next

ORBX Vans RV-4

World Of Warplanes

FlightFactor Boeing 757 Professional

Ant’s Airplanes T-28 Trojan

New York City X


Just Flight Canberra Q and A We have an exclusive interview with the team behind the forthcoming English Electric Canberra PR.9 add-on for FSX from Just Flight.

Peter Wright introduces us to a handy FMS app, takes us gliding and offers the opportunity to land the Space Shuttle!

Helitac Fire Fighting Team
Peter Stark visits the Helitac Fire Fighting team in Australia and gets us close to the action in the Sikorsky S61N.

Challenging Airports
Chris Frishmuth takes us to Castlegar, British Columbia, one of the world’s most notorious mountain airports!

Rise Of Flight – Sopwith 1½ Strutter
Derek Davis introduces the versatile Sopwith 1½ Strutter, which undertook reconnaissance, fighter escort and day bombing duties on the Western Front.

Flight Adventure
A multi-leg GA flight across the idyllic Caribbean takes us to the islands of St Vincent and Barbados.


Jet Airliners – A Flight Sim Pilot’s Guide
Jane Whittaker introduces the PMDG Boeing 777-200LR as we embark on a new series of tutorials.

A Beginner’s Guide to X-Plane
Jessica Bannister-Pearce offers a guide to improving the lacklustre default airports in X-Plane using Laminar’s World Editor tool.

GA Tutorial - Holding Patterns, SID’s and STARs
This issue the focus is on holding patterns and providing a comprehensive overview of the often little understood SID and STAR procedures.

Cliffs Of Dover - Heinkel 111
Derek Davis discusses the Heinkel He 111, one of the most recognisable shapes in the British skies during 1940. The twin engine bomber bore the major burden of the Luftwaffe bombing offensive during the Battle of Britain.


VR Insight Flight Yoke
We cast our eye over the VR Insight Flight Yoke, the company’s first foray into yoke manufacturing.

Chillblast Tiger Moth Laptop
Laptop technology is moving in leaps and bounds with Chillblast releasing a laptop designed specifically for flight sim users.


Flight Sim Q
We answer a range of queries, from running FSX in Windows 8, setting up view modes in both X-Plane and FSX, throttle quadrant calibration and scenery layer issues in X-Plane.