PC Pilot - Sept/Oct 2013

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Just Flight Eurofighter
Alabeo Staggerwing
Majestic Dash 8
Sibwings Antonov AN-2
Fly Tampa Athens
JRollon BAe Jetstream 32
Go Flight Pro Yoke


Challenging Airports – St Maarten
Chris Frishmuth takes us on a trip to the beach, visiting the infamous St Maarten Airport.

Peter Wright discusses the ever increasing range of tablet PC applications aimed directly at the flight simmer.

Rise Of Flight – The Fokker Eindecker
The aircraft under discussion in this edition of our series on Rise of Flight is one that had both a material and psychological effect on the Allies and its pilots at the beginning of World War I. Its impact was such that for a period of time RFC airmen were referred to as ‘Fokker Fodder’. The aircraft in question was the Fokker Eindecker.

Flight Adventure - Stockholm to Helsinki
We visit Scandinavia on a short hop, with a regional turboprop, across the Baltic Sea from Stockholm to Helsinki.


DCS: A-10C Warthog
Chris Frishmuth’s series on The Fighter Collection’s DCS: A-10 Warthog continues with an in-depth discussion of emergency procedures and what exactly to do when things go horribly wrong!

Jet Airliners – A Flight Sim Pilot’s Guide
Jane Whittaker offers a discussion of the Boeing 737 hydraulic system.

A Beginner’s Guide to X-Plane
Richard Benedikz offers advice on how to configure your flight controls in order to get the best out of your aircraft in X-Plane.

GA Tutorial – Back To Basics
Peter Stark continues his tutorial flight across Oregon, demonstrating a VOR approach.

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover – Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
Derek Davis gets hands-on with flying the iconic Ju 87 Stuka, famed for its screaming vertical dives!


Flight Sim Q
Among the topics under discussion in this edition of Flight Sim Q&A are how to solve sound problems, controllers not working, running out of hard drive space and software crashes.


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