PC Pilot - Winter Special 2008

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Plane Crazy!
One question we often get asked here at PC Pilot is can we recommend a good aircraft simulation. The answer depends on a number of factors, which we explore as PC Pilot goes "Plane Crazy!"

FSX Compatibility

The compatibility labelling of some commercial products for FSX can be confusing. Just what are the degrees of compatibility, how have they come to exist and how does the consumer ensure they are getting the product they are expecting?

Best Buy's - High-Fidelity Airliners

For the simmer looking for the maximum realism in their flight experience, we present our recommendations for our top five high-fidelity airliners for FS2004 and FSX

Best Buy's - The Executive Jets

Business jets are becoming ever more popular, flying passengers around the world in comfort and opulence. We feature the finest that FS2004 and FSX has to offer.

Best Buy's - Sophisticated GAs

Compared to Airliners, GA aircraft are generally considered to be less sophisticated. However, there are a number that do contain a high level of cockpit systems and so require greater pilot knowledge and experience. We highlight our choices for those who prefer a little more complexity in their GA flying.

Best Buy's - Airliners for Beginners

We discuss our recommendations for those taking their first steps beyond the default airliners. We introduce aircraft of intermediate complexity, suitable for a beginner who is happiest flying, rather than wading through systems manuals.

Best Buy's - GA 'Lites'

For those who want something a little less complicated, but still be of high quality - an aircraft they can just jump into and fly - here are our top five recommendations!

Best Buy's - Military add-ons and Combat Simulations

Military add-ons and combat simulations have a wide appeal among the young and old. So, whether you're 7 or 70, here are our recommendations for those who prefer their flight sims to be both 'shaken' and 'stirred'!

Building a 737 Cockpit

Joe Lavery continues his quest to create a Boeing 737 home cockpit as he tackles the intricacies of constructing a flight management computer and gets to grips with gauges!

Buyers Guide

Our pick of the finest hardware, scenery expansions and peripherals.