PC Pilot - Summer Special 2008

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Reality Check! - Sim vs Real!
The main theme of our "Summer Special" is realism. This and subsequent articles set out to show newcomers and veteran flight simmers alike how realistic desktop Flight Simulators really are and what is involved in the creation of our virtual world.

Reality Check! - Airliner aircraft
Airliners are the most complex simulations to produce and are becoming ever more sophisticated. Developers can now not only recreate aircraft that look like the real thing, but included systems and gauges now closely mimic the functionality of the actual units. So how do developers create these masterpieces in miniature?

Reality Check! - GA aircraft
Peter Stark puts the spotlight on two popular modern GA aircraft add-ons for FS2004 and FSX to find out how they compare with their real-world counterparts.

Reality Check! - Military aircraft
RealAir Simulations has a long-standing reputation for producing exquisitely detailed and highly accurate single-engine replicas. Its latest release is Spitfire 2008 - an add-on package for FSX, which has further enhanced its reputation. So, given our theme of realism for this "Special" we invited RealAir to shed some light on how the team achieved such high standards with its latest creation.

Reality Check! - Military aircraft
Shockwave Productions is well-known within the flight sim fraternity for its passion and attention to detail in pursuit of what it terms "absolute realism" when it comes to producing World War Two aircraft. So, of course, we had to talk to the CEO - Scott Gentile - to find out how the company has achieved such a high fidelity with its simulations.

Reality Check! - Scenery and airports
Flight simulator scenery has evolved tremendously over its relatively short lifetime to the point where we are now beginning to see some blurring in the lines between our real and virtual worlds. Tony Radmilovich takes a look at the current state of flight simulator scenery and examines what goes into the development of some of these ground-breaking products.

Applied Flight Simulation - Microsoft's ESP
Although the majority of readers use flight simulation for recreational purposes, flight simulation has a more serious application in the commercial world, where it is used as a tool for training both civil and military personnel. Microsoft will be venturing into this professional world of flight simulation when it releases ESP later this year. This article sheds some light on this new development.

Applied Flight Simulation - CAE
Continuing our review of the professional use of flight simulation, Richard Benedikz takes a look at one of the best-known names in the commercial flight simulation industry - CAE.

Applied Flight Simulation - PC Pilot visits RAF Benson
Flight simulators play a crucial role in training military pilots and are used extensively by air forces throughout the world. PC Pilot had the opportunity to visit one such training facility at RAF Benson where Merlin, Puma and Chinook helicopters are used.

Hardware - Graphics cards
Modern flight simulators have taken realism and visual detail to a new level and so the choice of graphics card has become crucial when it comes to performance in flight simulation. In this article we take a look at some of the cards currently available on the market and determine how well they perform with the most demanding of flight simulators - FSX.

An Oriental Odyssey - an airliner adventure
Welcome aboard the versatile Boeing 767-300ER as we take you on an oriental adventure from the island of Penang to Hong Kong.

Liverpool to Land's End - a GA adventure
In our second flight adventure we take you on a pleasure fight down the west coast of England and Wales, from Liverpool to the tip of Cornwall at Land's End, flown in the rugged Dornier DO-27.

Flight Sim cockpit building
In this, the second part of our cockpit-building series, in which the ultimate goal is to create a 737 cockpit simulation, Joe Lavery focuses on the 737 communications centre, which sits between the two pilots and is known as the pedestal.

A Flight Simmer's Buyer's Guide
This "Summer Special" sees the return of our popular flight sim buyer's guide. We have selected the cream of the crop of flight sim products on the market today. As before, we provide a brief overview of some of our favourites which we have reviewed over the past few years.