PC Pilot - Winter Special 2007

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Editor's Letter
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PC Flight Simulation
Welcome to the fascinating world of flight simulation on the home PC! This article will give you a brief overview of the hobby as a whole.

Airliners in-depth
This guide aims to shine light on all corners of the virtual hangar of the airliner and to offer advice on the wide range of available expansions for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

GA Aircraft in-depth
GA aircraft come in all shapes, sizes and uses. In this in-depth feature, we examine how some modern GA aircraft are utilized and what Flight Simulator add-ons are available.

Air Combat Simulation
People get into air combat simulation for a variety of reasons. The aim of this piece is to introduce you to the 'dark side' and explain the appeal as well as the design philosophy behind this branch of flight simulation.

Flight Simulator Scenery
The scenery over which we fly our virtual aircraft has become a very important part of our flight simulation experience. The level and realism of the scenery within the virtual world goes a long way towards 'creating' a realistic flight experience. Tony Radmilovich explores the ever-expanding FS world of scenery and airports.

Multiplayer Flying
To the 'outsider' Flight Simulation may be viewed as a solitary pastime. However, Jane Whittaker's piece on multiplayer flying shows that in reality this is not the case and suggests that once you have flown in the online environment, simming is never quite the same again!

If you're a subscriber or regular reader of PC Pilot, you'll already know that we diligently scour the flight sim community for interesting freeware to add to our CD every issue. But what is freeware anyway? Joe Lavery sheds some light on this vibrant side of Flight Simulation and offers advice on installing this type of program.

As flight simulation has become more sophisticated and realistic, we are finding an increasing need for greater computing power and also a desire to accurately replicate the controls of the real aircraft. Richard Benedickz takes a comprehensive look at the 'hard stuff'.

Concorde to New York
Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a flight to New York in the British Airways Concorde, G-BOAG. Flying time is expected to be a little under three hours and 30 minutes!

A virtual flight adventure
Jane Whittaker takes us on a humorous virtual flight adventure along the West Coast of USA - flying from Reno, Nevada, to Los Angeles, California. We hope you enjoy the flight!

Building a 737 Cockpit
Part of the appeal of this fascinating hobby is its diversity. One aspect of that is the growth in popularity of cockpit building. Joe Lavery's fascinating piece on this subject offers a wealth of hints and tips, as he begins building his very own throttle quadrant!

A Flight Simmer's Buyer's Guide
Although we do not have the space to provide an exhaustive list of all the flight sim products which are available on the market today, we provide a brief overview of some of our favourites which we have reviewed over the past few years.