PC Pilot - Nov/Dec 2007

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Realair Simulations' Scout
Just Flight Archer III
SibWings SAAB 91 "Safir"
Carenado's Beechcraft Mentor T-34B
Aerosoft's Florence X
Aerosoft's Hawaii Dillingham X
Aerosoft's FSX Mission Pack - Flight Tales 1
Suprunov Design Yakovlev Yak-40
Flight 1's FS Discover

Editor's Letter
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FSX Mission Building Tutorial
In this issue, we get into the 'nitty gritty' and start to assemble some key parts of our Missions folder and commence creating the mission proper.

Air Combat Simulation Tutorial
The final aim of any combat tactic employed is to gain an angle and positional advantage over your opponent. These tactics can be placed under two types of headings: 'angles' and 'energy'. This discussion takes a detailed look at both.

Beginner's Guide to Flight Simulator
For this issue of the beginner's guide to flight simulation we take a break from all the theory of previous articles and put some of that theory into practice.

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Jet Airliners - FMC Radio Navigation
As promised in our previous tutorial we shall be delving further into the FMC, building on previous tutorials as we uncover the integration of the autopilot system and the FMC.

GA Flight Sim Training - STAGE 1, LESSON 5
Whatever you call them, circuits and landings, touch 'n' goes, circuits and bumps - all pilots fly them. Peter Stark takes a look at take-off and landing procedures.

Hardware - Saitek
Saitek has released two new products. The first is the Pro Flight Yoke System and is a combination package consisting of a full-sized yoke and a throttle quadrant in one neat package. The second new release is called the Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant. Richard Benedikz, takes a detailed look at both.