PC Pilot - September/October 2007

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FSX - Service Pack 1
Dreamfleet's Piper Archer III
Just Flight's DC-10 Collection
Wilco's Citation X
Flight1's Ultimate Terrain X
Just Flight Airbus Series Vol. 1

Editor's Letter

FSX Mission Building Tutorial
One of the most innovative aspects of FSX has been its Mission module. In this, the start of a new series, Peter Stark examines just how you go about creating your very own custom-built Missions!

Air Combat Simulation Tutorial
In this instalment of our series on air combat we examine two of the most important elements that you will need to consider when dogfighting - 'energy management' and 'situational awareness'.

Beginner's Guide to Flight Simulator
The key to maximising both performance and our enjoyment from FS2004 and FSX is having a good grasp of your system hardware and how to use it to your best advantage. So, our Beginner's Guide for this issue will concentrate on showing you how to optimise the hardware settings available within FS2004 and FSX.

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Jet Airliners - FMC Radio Navigation
Our Airliner tutorial for this issue focuses on additional features of the Boeing 747-400 flight management computer and how they interact with aircraft systems.

GA Flight Sim Training - STAGE 1, LESSON 4
In this instalment of our GA flight sim training we will be examining the theory and practice of stalls, the use of flaps and steep turns - essential aspects of flying.

Meet the Flight Sim Producers - Microsoft
In this edition of our series 'Meet the Flight Sim Producers' we interview Aces Studio - Microsoft's development team for Flight Simulator X. Shawn Firminger, Studio Manager at Aces, offers some insight on the development of FSX and SP1.

Hardware - Flight Link Rotor Wing Simulator
Continuing our series on professional hardware, we take a close look at Flight Link's Rotor Wing Simulator - a set of high-quality controls for helicopter simulations.