PC Pilot - July/August 2007

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Aerosoft's Beaver X
PC Aviator's MegaScenery X
Wilco's Boeing 777
Angle of Attack's 767 DVD
AlphaSim add-ons
New Zealand/Australia Scenery

Editor's Letter

Free Cover CD
The 'Star Feature' on this month's cover disk is the long-awaited Service Pack 1 update for FSX! It really has been worth the wait! Weather and scenery are the themes of our demos this issue with Weather Maker RX and Georender's Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton Sceneries. Other highlights include stunning videos for Aerosoft's Beaver X, Wilco's Citation X and Shockwave Production's Wings of Power II: B-17. In terms of updates and patches we have graphics driver updates for the Nvidia and ATI brands for Windows XP and two patches for Aerosoft's Beaver X. We also have our very own custom-made videos to accompany our articles and features - details of which can be found on page 10. Plus our regular selection of Freeware files, the readers' screenshot gallery, PC Pilot Index... and much more!

Just Flight's Rescue Pilot - A Preview
Just Flight is soon to release its first Mission pack for FSX. Peter Stark gives us a preview of what to expect from this exciting new add-on!

A Beginner's Guide To Flight Simulation
Just as important as learning how to correctly fly your virtual aircraft is getting Flight Simulator properly set up to maximize its potential and your enjoyment. So, in this instalment of 'Beginner's Guide' Tony Radmilovich takes a close look into the essential settings that drive Flight Simulator.

The Human Element
Last issue we interviewed the highly successful MAAM-Sim team - makers of R4D/DC-3 and Briefing Time B-25J packages. This time we will complete our visit with the team by learning a bit about members Fred Banting, Mark Beaumont, Howard Sodja and Rob Young.

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Jet Airliners - San Francisco to Los Angeles
Yes folks, the time has finally arrived! As promised in our last tutorial, Jane Whittaker will finally be taking the giant Boeing 747-400 into the air on a tutorial flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

Reading Navigation Charts
As an accompaniment to this edition of our 'Airliner Flight Sim Training Tutorial', we thought it prudent to offer some help and advice on reading charts. Jane Whittaker's 'layman's guide' will demystify the whole process of chart reading.

GA Flight Sim Training - STAGE 1, LESSON 3
When we started this series, we knew you would be bursting to get airborne, so we bypassed the ground manoeuvres and made use of Flight Simulator's autorudder function. Now Peter Stark ups the ante and introduces some basic flight preparation procedures and explains why Microsoft gave us an autorudder in the first place!

Meet the Flight Sim Producers
Aerosoft is a company that has been producing high quality and innovative add-on software for Flight Simulator for some years now - particularly when it comes to scenery and airports. However, some of you may have heard of the company name but know very little about it. We hope to set that right!

Professional Hardware
Allied to the advances and increased complexity of Flight Simulation over the years, has been the development of highly sophisticated hardware devices designed for Professional use and those who desire the highest quality and fidelity possible when it comes to their flight simming experience. In this, the start of a new series, we take a look at this lesser-known but growing sector within flight simulation.