PC Pilot - January/February 2007

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Flight Simulator X
Boeing 777 Professional
VFR Photographic Scenery
Tiger Moth
Ground Environment Pro
Ultimate Terrain Europe
Dornier Do-27
VFR Real Scenery
Saitek X52 Pro - Joystick and Throttle
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

Editor's Letter

Free Cover DVD
This month's special cover DVD includes an updated demo of Flight Simulator X, which allows you to fly five aircraft and two missions! In addition, we also have a demo of Just Flight's VFR Real Scenery and Flyboys Squadron a WWI combat sim. Plus commercial and custom-made videos, a specially extended selection of Freeware files, our readers' screenshot gallery, our PC Pilot Index, plus a dedicated Just Flight selection. All this and much more besides!

The Oleg Maddox Interview
We have an exclusive interview with the brains behind the highly successful IL-2 Sturmovik series. Read about the man himself and about his next project - Storm of War: Battle of Britain.

A Beginner's Guide to Flight Simulator
The Beginner's Guide this month offers some invaluable advice on finding your way around FSX.

The Human Element - Captain Robert J. Ceronsky
Robert 'Bob' Ceronsky was a pilot who began his career as the commander of a B-29 in WWII and finished it as Senior Pilot for Republic Airlines. His accomplishments go straight to the heart of what we do as Flight Simmers. Read his fascinating story.

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Jet Airliners - the engines of the Boeing 747-400
In this the second part of our ever-popular series, we continue our discussion on engines, which we began in PC Pilot issue 43, with an in-depth look at the primary under-wing engines of the Boeing 747-400.

GA Flight Sim Training - Flying a Helicopter
Ever wondered how our simulated helicopters compare to the real thing? Richard Benedikz gets a chance to find out and makes some interesting discoveries!