PC Pilot - September/October 2006

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Free Cover CD
This month's cover CD is rather special! Firstly we have First Class Simulation's collection of "Fly-Before-You-Buy" products, which include private, commercial and military aircraft, as well as flight sim utilities. We also have 'work-inprogress' screenshots of Oleg Maddox's upcoming combat sim - Storm of War: Battle of Britain, some rather nice Freeware aircraft, one of which is featured on our front cover, our screenshot gallery, comprising of shots sent in by you the readers, our specially created videos to accompany our articles and much more besides. Turn to page 10 to find out more!

Flight Simulator X -A Preview
Richard Benedikz 'hot foot' from Aces Studios, the home of Flight Simulator X, brings us a detailed report on what to expect from this highly anticipated successor to FS2004.

No, not an article about computers from another planet, but an in-depth interview with a computer company that has built an enviable reputation for high-end, high quality PCs.

The Human Element
This is the start of a new series that takes a fascinating look at our fellow flight sim enthusiasts and those who have had equally fascinating careers in aviation.

A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide To Jet Airliners
To accompany our GA flight sim training series, we thought we should do a corresponding course for our Airliner aficionados. Over the next few issues we will be focusing on the specifics of flying jet aircraft simulations, which have increasingly become more complex over the past few years.

GA Flight Sim Training
In the second instalment of our GA flight sim training series, we take a closer look at the simulated aircraft we will be using over the next few issues to see how well they measure up with their real-life counterparts - in short, how realistic are our simulated aircraft?

A400M Airlifter
Mega Airport Vienna
Airliner 6
WWII Fighters
The Captain's Chair

Editor's Letter