PC Pilot - May/June 2006

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737 Pilot In Command
Carenados Cessna U206G
Radar Contact
FS Commander
FS Design Studio
Just Flight C-130 Hercules

Editor's Letter

Free Cover CD
PC Pilot Movies - This issue s cover CD has a new feature 'PC Pilot Movies. These are custom-made videos that have been specially created to enhance our reviews and feature articles contained within the magazine. Further details can be found in our Cover CD pages, starting on page 12.
David Sweetman C-130 Repaints - Last issue we included a demo of Captain Sim s 'Legendary C-130'. This issue we have a set of repaints with which to adorn your 'Fat Albert. These have been created and kindly donated by a PC Pilot reader David Sweetman.
Patches - We have four updates for you on the CD for: Level-D 767, Falcon 4: Allied Force and two for Pacific Fighters. The latter includes a brand new set of flyable aircraft; a list of which is given in our Cover Disk section.
Pacific Fighters Utilities The IL-2 Sturmovik series has achieved almost cult status among the combat flight sim community. As a result many third-party enthusiasts have created tools and utilities that are designed to enrich the IL-2 experience even more. We have included a selection of these on the CD.
A.I. Traffic Tools - Ever thought that the artificial intelligence in FS2004 behaved a little odd at times? Well, heres your chance to do something about it. To accompany our tutorial on creating your own A.I., we have also supplied a set of tools that will help you to do just that!

FS Design Studio Review/Tutorial
Have you ever thought of rolling your own. aircraft that is? Well, with FS Design Studio, you can! In this combined review/tutorial feature, Joe Lavery shows you how to build the famous WWI aircraft the S.E.5a. You can even fly the end resultt, which is included on this issue s cover disk. The next issue of PC Pilot (Issue 41) will be posted out to subscribers and Instant Issue buyers on 9 June 2006 and will be on sale in UK shops by 15 June.

C-130 Hercules Tutorial
Having reviewed Captain Sim s Legendary C-130 in the last issue and Just Flight s edition in the current one, we thought it prudent to offer a tutorial flight guide for this memorable add-on. This piece concentrates on the flight characteristics of this unique aircraft by flying a special post run on behalf of the Royal Mail, from London Gatwick to Liverpool.

D.I.Y AI Traffic Tutorial
As well as showing you how to roll your own aircraft, we show you how you can use third-party tools and utilities to take control of the A.I environment within FS2004, in his AI Traffic tutorial.

Virtual Airlines Tutorial
Every issue of our cover disk carries an updated list of the many Virtual Airlines that are available today. But there may be some of who have never tried this brand of flight simulation. Well, if you ve ever wondered what is involved in joining and participating within a VA, then Jane Whittaker has some answers for you!

The IL-2 Phenomenon
Whether you re into combat simulation or not, most flight simmers have heard of the IL-2 Sturmovik series. Renowned for its high production values and numerous patches and add-ons, we take a look this franchise and offer some hints and tips on maximising your IL-2 experience!

Falcon 4.0's Multiplayer Tutorial
It has to said that nothing beats the thrill of flying co operative multiplayer missions in a flight sim, particularly in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Chris Partridge of Lead Pursuit continues his fascinating Falcon series by offering some help and advice in setting up a virtual battlefield composed of both humans and A.I.!

Pushing the envelope Testing Computer Performance
How do you know if it s worth upgrading if you do not know what the effect will be? We run some bench tests with surprising results!