PC Pilot - January/February 2006

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Reviews -
- Battle of Britain II - Wings of Victory
- Traffic 2005
- Ultimate Night Environment Professional
- Lunar Pilot
- Caravan
- Flight Unlimited III
- 707 Professional
- ATR 72-500
- Concorde Professional
- TrackIR Pro 4

Regulars -
- Editor's Letter
- Comms
- News
- Tutorial
- Downloads

Features -
- Free Cover CD
This month's cover CD is jam-packed with a varied assortment of demo's, patches, movies and 'freeware' files. On the demo's front, we have Imagine Simulation's airport scenery of KDEN Denver airport. Staying with scenery, we also have an area-limited demo of FScene's replacement landscape textures for FS2004. Finally, we have a fully-working, but time-limited, demonstration of FSNET innovative multiplayer utility (reviewed in issue 35). If you've been having 'issues' with the recently-released Battle of Britain II simulation (reviewed on page 10 of this issue), we have a patch for you that may cure your frustrations! You'll also find patches for: Pacific Fighters (which includes a couple of new aircraft and various 'fixes'), Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, with a long list of improvements and again 'fixes', and finally a huge patch for Level-D's 767. Fancy taking in a movie? Well, sit back and enjoy the five that we have for you on the CD. Presentations include: Just Flight's ever-popular Traffic 2005, Imagine Simulation's collection of airport sceneries, PC Aviator's Megascenery for Pacific Northwest, Shockwave Production's P-47, and finally a huge collection of movies showcasing Captain Sim's much-anticipated 'Legendary C-130 Hercules'. As usual, generous developers have helped us to put together a fine selection of FS freeware. So, pop along to page 66 to find out more.

- Captain David Barrington: Manual Descent Planning
If you're the proud owner of Level-D's Boeing 767, or in fact any simulated Boeing aircraft from the 737 upwards, you will find David Barrington's piece on Manual Descent Planning both informative and detailed. Ultimately, it will help to reduce the learning curve of this complex aircraft.

- Multiplayer Flying
Evidence would seem to suggest that many users have never taken advantage of Flight Simulator's multiplayer capability. Maybe this is because the set-up procedure seems a little daunting. If this is the case, then our multiplayer feature will help to unravel the 'mystery'.

- Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Tutorial
If you've always wanted to get into Falcon 4, but were put off by all those complex radar modes, and phrases like 'Track While Scan', and 'Single Target Track' just left you cold, then our informative and 'plain English' tutorial should leave you with a warm 'fuzzy' feeling inside!