PC Pilot - Nov/Dec 2005

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This is turning out to be the year that old combat sims get revisited. GMX and Shockwave Productions finally release their new version of Battle of Britain II - Wings of Victory - a graphical overhaul of Rowan Software's original sim. Another 'revamped' sim - Falcon 4.0: Allied Force - was reviewed in issue 36. We're pleased to report that it has obtained a UK distributor in the form of Horizon Simulation. Both of these sims have also received new patches that address various technical and gaming issues. Another combat sim, Combat Flight Simulator 3, is to receive a third-party add-on in the form of `Over Flanders Fields' - a WWI `mod'.

Dreamfleet have announced the release of their Beechcraft Baron 58, which incorporates Reality XP's renowned high-fidelity avionics system software. In turn, Reality XP themselves have released their own innovative terrain avoidance avionics simulation called Flight Line ST3400, which should add a new dimension to your simulated flights.

Finally, Just Flight has been busy - announcing a hanger full of new products. These include: the long-awaited C-130 Hercules, 777 Professional, 757 Professional, A310 Airbus and for those interested in vintage military aircraft, a new high-fidelity Avro Lancaster bomber expansion for FS2004 is on the way.


Having reviewed PMDG's 747-400 masterpiece in this current issue, we thought it would be interesting to ask a current 747-400 pilot to give us his impressions on this product. See what Captain Jon Bunting has to say about this virtual version of his `office'.

It may be a `scary' thought, but have you ever had the urge to design your own flight sim? Well, Matthieu Laban decided to give it a try - see how he fared in his endeavours.

If the finer details of using the Autopilot effectively are sometimes a mystery to you, then help is at hand. In this issue we explore the different aspects of using this useful tool.

If you've wondered what ever happened to all those promised flight sims that never materialized, Tom Sutton-Taylor has a few intriguing answers for you, in a thought-provoking piece on 'Lost Sims'.

Simkits gauges are designed to cater for those wanting to build their own home-built panels and cockpits. Joe Lavery provides an excellent Help Guide on how to put together your very own panel using these high quality components.


PMDG's 747-400 Queen of the Skies - Just when you thought things could not get any more realistic, PMDG release their 747-400 'Queen of the Skies' airliner. As our reviewer states, this expansion for FS2004 is 'The most breathtakingly realistic airliner expansion to date - this is currently as close as you can get to experiencing the Boeing 747-400 on a desktop.'

(Readers should also note that due to an oversight, PMDG's 747-400 should have been allocated a score of 5/5, instead of a 4/5 as given in the current issue, and also should have been awarded a "PC Pilot Classic" award. Our sincere apologies to PMDG for the inconvenience this may have caused).

Plane Design's Avro Lancaster - The ever-popular Avro Lancaster bomber, immortalised by the Dambuster raid in WWII, is equally popular among flight sim enthusiasts and developers alike. Now software developers, Plane Design, have produced their own version. As you will read in the review, detail abounds in this new production.

Heroes of the Pacific - For combat flight simmers who want a break from the more ultra-realistic offerings, such as as Falcon 4, Heroes of the Pacific should satisfy that need! See what our resident combat sim specialist has to say about this take on the Pacific Air War.

FS Passengers - Now here's an innovative and long-overdue concept for FS2004. With this delightful expansion for FS2004, not only do you get to create and manage an airline, but the package also provides a comprehensive cabin environment; complete with `interactive' passengers.

Cirrus SR20 G2 - Another innovative design in the real world is the Cirrus SR20 G2. The unique aspect of this aircraft is a device called `CAPS' - the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. This entails deploying a parachute to slow the aircraft's descent in the event of trouble. EagleSoft have designed and replicated this and many more of this aircraft's features in their new expansion for FS2004. Read what Iain Dawson has to say about this unusual add-on.

SSP's Harrier - Speaking of unique designs, Sigma Simulations Products have brought out a new Hawker Harrier add-on for FS2004. Andrew Whittaker takes it for a `spin!'


In this issue we'll be flying over Canada in a Cessna Grand Caravan. Departing from Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada, Bill Stack takes you on a virtual journey where we'll be transporting mail, perishable food, medicines and a couple of passengers. Our destination is a remote Canadian village called Nejalini Lake, which is situated in northern Manitoba. So why not come along with us and enjoy the spectacular scenery!