Modern Railways - March, 2018

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Building the Thameslink timetable
How GTR has recast its schedules ahead of the May change

The Thameslink infrastructure challenge
Network Rail’s South East MD John Halsall in conversation

The battle of Bedford
The background to the controversial Midland main line timetable changes in May

On time operators win at Whistles
A rundown of the winners at our annual awards for operating excellence

Golden Whistles conference
Presentations on Crossrail, Digital Railway, skills and other operating issues

Tangerine tickets live on
The practical challenges of new ticketing technologies


An introduction from the Europe Editor

Modern Railways’ editorial view

Pan Up
How will rail tackle the environmental challenge? Making Mk 4s work on the Midland

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway today

Blood and custard
Our diary column

Moving Wheels
Rolling stock news

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

Recent appointments

In Business and small ads
Latest happenings in industry

High Speed 2
Procurement activity ramps up

Crossrail update
Will the Elizabeth Line meet its December opening date?

Between the Lines
Chris Stokes discusses the VTEC franchise collapse

Alan Williams
Time to reassess pay at Network Rail and HS2?


News Front
VTEC to end within months; 2040 target to eliminate diesel-only trains; Eurostar to Amsterdam in April; Network Rail’s CP6 business plan

Rail Freight
DB Cargo extends Malcolm deal; Cricklewood freight terminal approved

Infrastructure News
Bognor Regis refurbishment; Balfour Beatty wins Stoneblower deal

Informed Sources
East Coast upgrades – costs rising, but who agreed to what? Traffic Management progress assessed

Europe View
Keith Fender presents a round-up of news from across the Channel