Modern Railways - October 2013

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East Coast Focus

Passion play
DOR is doing more than just holding the fort, says East Coast MD Karen Boswell

First Capital Connect goes back to basics
Roger Ford interviews David Statham, the new MD of suburban operator FCC

Fitting in freight
A review of today’s freight services on the East Coast route

Network Rail’s half billion East Coast modernisation A series of discrete projects add up to a considerable improvement of the route

Standard intervals - the way forward
Bob Poynter suggests an improved timetable for the modernised East Coast

What future for open access?
Consultants from Arup draw conclusions from work done for ORR

Franchising musical chairs
An extract on the East Coast from Chris Green and Mike Vincent’s new InterCity book


Patrick McLoughlin is on the right track with HS2

Blood and Custard
A sideways look at railway life

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway today

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

Moving Wheels
Rolling stock news

Recent appointments

In Business and small ads
Latest happenings in industry

Alan Williams
Alan puts in his ha’porth on HS2

Crossrail update
Tunnelling progress


News Front
McLoughlin spearheads HS2 fightback; ‘S’ stock on the District and Circle; inter-city operators push for a realistic PPM

Rail Freight
GBRf orders more Class 66s and scoops Class 800 test contract; export whisky trial begins

Infrastructure News
Kemble redoubling makes progress; Borders line reshapes Edinburgh bypass

Informed Sources
Roger Ford reviews the pursuit of speed over the decades and considers the IEP interiors

Europe View
Keith Fender presents a round-up of news from across the Channel