Modern Railways - July 2013

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Kent waits on London Bridge rebuilding
An improved station in the urban heart lies at the root of better services in the Garden of England

Docklands Light Railway
The small railway that just grew and grew

Greenwashing railways
Forget biodiesel, trams are the thing to save the planet, argues Ian Walmsley

Modular signalling in service
Roger Ford reports on the Ely to Norwich resignalling

The Cambrian after ERTMS
Pilot scheme settles in

Scotland special

Wiring heaven
Whifflet and Cumbernauld complement EGIP

Double junctions lead capacity increase
The notorious single lead at Newton is being swept away

Oban to benefit from wiring
DMUs from the Whifflet line will serve Scotland’s seafood capital

Four hours from London to Glasgow
Virgin plans 135mph running in Scotland

Class 350/4s are set to boost the service

Edinburgh Trams almost ready
Sighs of relief all round in the Scottish capital 


News Front
Thameslink trains ordered at last; Blackpool and Shrewsbury through trains in doubt

Rail Freight
Terminal expansion, plus proposed whisky and timber flows in Scotland 

Infrastructure News
Network Rail’s top 20 suppliers; new system speeds up Underground track renewal

Informed Sources
Roger Ford assesses whether it is nature or nurture that makes the wires fall down

Europe View
Keith Fender presents a round-up of news from across the Channel


Modern Railways’ editorial view

Blood and Custard
A sideways look at railway life

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway today

Moving Wheels
Eversholt’s ‘2020’ Class 321, NR rescue locos

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

In Business
Latest happenings in industry

Recent appointments

Classified ads
The small ads that matter

Alan Williams
Sad news from Yorkshire