Modern Railways - March 2013

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Southern's Class 377/6 takes shape in Litchurch Lane
New five-car trains for the London commuter network

Live long and prosper
Refurbish or build new? Ian Walmsley considers the options

2020 vision
Rolling stock refurbishment industry meets the disability challenge

Train maintenance: players in the market
Pip Dunn presents a who's who for the maintenance and refurb sector


Standing ovation for first aid hero
Report on the Golden Whistles award ceremony

Car vs rail use
Have we passed the peak of car use? Rhodri Clark investigates

Here's 2 HS2
Stop carping, it's a no-brainer, asserts Ian Walmsley

HS2's service plans
Some of the planned frequencies seem bizarre, argues Chris Stokes

Bank cards make ticketing debut
But orange cards refuse to die. A report from the Transport Ticketing conference


News Front
HS2's northern `Y'; Crossrail2 proposal; Alloa electrification moves forward; Droylsden trams begin

Rail Freight
Will wood pellets for electricity generation replace coal as a rail staple?

Infrastructure News
Cremorne bridge refurbishment; Lincoln line resignalling

Informed Sources
Franchise replacement timetable; nobody makes much dosh out of franchising; third rail for Great Western electrification?

Europe View
Keith Fender presents a round-up of news from across the Channel


A run up the clock tower at King's Cross

Is right time the wrong time?

Blood and Custard
A sideways look at railway life

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway today

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

Moving Wheels
Rolling stock news

Recent appointments

In Business
Latest happenings in industry

Classified ads
The small ads that matter

Alan Williams
Alan casts an eye over the HS2 plans

Crossrail update
Station progress