Modern Railways - January 2013

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London Underground in focus

Sub-surface renewal
New trains, upgraded track and innovative signalling for the Sub Surface Railway

Cityflo to control the SSR
The new signalling system for the Sub Surface Railway

Deep tube transformation
Piers Connor assesses ways to increase capacity on the deep tube

Underground ticketing on the cusp of change
Contactless bank cards are set to come in alongside Oyster

Energy Underground
LU is keen to operate a greener railway

Upgrading UPS systems
Keeping the power on underground


News Front
Good news for south London: the Overground Orbital route opens, plus a green light for the Northern Line extension to Battersea

Rail Freight
Nuneaton North Chord opens, plus a new wagon for containers

Infrastructure News
S&C replaced in midweek overnight possessions, plus contract news

Informed Sources
After filleting Laidlaw, Roger Ford has fun with trains: he raves over the Eversholt Mk 4 makeover and wonders where the new trains to be ordered by Southern are going


First six-figure winner tops all-round improvement
Roger Ford finds much to celebrate in his annual review of rolling stock reliability

Getting the best out of Class 90s and Mk 3s
A look at Crown Point, the Spanner-winning Norwich depot

The litmus test of customer value
In his RSA presidential address, Richard Morris suggests applying a simple test to all the industry does

Conservation excellence
Winners in the National Railway Heritage Awards


Exciting plans for LU150

Franchising fiasco

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway

Blood and Custard
A sideways look at railway life

Moving Wheels
Rolling stock news

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

In Business
Latest happenings in industry

Recent appointments

Classified ads
The small ads that matter

Alan Williams
An acerbic look at the railway today

Crossrail update
Changes at Pudding Mill Lane