Jets - July/August 2016

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Foxbat out of Hell
Forty years ago an audacious Russian pilot defected to Japan in a Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat. Steven Taylor tells the story of this incredible Cold War event

Turbo Dak
There’s an old adage that the only replacement for a Douglas DC-3 is another DC-3. Kimberley Hawkins investigates how the turboprop-powered Dakotas keep the 80-year-old design flying well into the 21st century

Gallic Trident
Pete London discusses the record-breaking SNCASO SO.9050 Trident, which employed an innovative combination of jet engines and rocket motors

Blue & Gold
Seventy years ago the US Navy’s Blue Angels display team gave its first public display. Richard Freail outlines the team’s history

Advanced Turboprop
As the British Aerospace ATP marks its 30th anniversary Steve Bridgewater takes a nostalgic look back at the advanced turboprop

Farnborough ‘56
To coincide with the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow, we turn the clock back sixty years to the seventeenth SBAC Display

Vampire to Jordan
We speak to Vampire ferry pilot Jon Corley to get the lowdown on flying a sixty year old jet from the UK to Jordan

Britain and Airbus - Part II
Concluding his look at the UK’s involvement in the European Airbus consortium, Bruce Hales-Dutton focuses on the 1980s and 90s


News from the Jet World

Memory Lane
Ray Hopper provides a selection of images he has “flown, flown in or just liked the looked of” during his 50-year career in aviation

Heroes of Aviation
The epitome of a British entrepreneur, Sir Freddie Laker changed the future of airline travel

Record Breakers
In May 1976 a Pan Am Boeing 747SP established four new speed records Tom Pearce looks back at the epic endeavour

Farnborough 2016
Steve Bridgewater previews the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow

Cutaway Classics
Using cutaway drawings we delve beneath the skin of the Messerschmitt’s Me 262

The Art of Flight
Jets was offered exclusive preview of some of the jet art that will be on view at the Guild of Aviation Artists’ Annual Summer Exhibition

This was the Year...
In the latest instalment of our ‘This was the Year’ series Steve Bridgewater looks back 40 years to the aviation highlights of 1976

The team put the latest jet related books on trial

Reports from the first British airshows of 2016 – including Old Warden and Duxford

Classics Compared
Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts the Gloster Javelin and Northrop F-89 Scorpion – which heralded a new generation of jetpowered all-weather interceptors