Jets - May/June 2016

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Over the past six decades nearly 40,000 jet-powered airliners have been delivered by almost 30 manufacturers. This special themed issue of Jets explores the evolution of the modern day jetliner

Six Decades of Airliner Development
From Comet to A350 we offer a potted history of the development of the jetliner

Feederliners from Belfast
Richard Payne looks back at Short Brothers’ abortive attempt to create a series of short haul feederliners

A conflict of loyalties
Bruce Hales-Dutton recalls the UK’s involvement in the early days of Airbus

VFW 614
Pete London asks what went wrong with West Germany’s first jet airliner


Century Series Competitor
The sleek and powerful F-107 pioneered the idea of piggyback air intakes. Kimberley Hawkins asks why it failed to find favour

Sea Harrier
Richard Freail completes his history of the Harrier by analysing the development of the navalised Sea Harrier

Black Knights and Nuclear Bombs
Doug Gordon speaks to B-57 Canberra veterans from the 38th Bombardment Wing

The Zipper
One of the first DIY personal jets created was the HH-1 Zipper, as Paul Wallis recalls

This was the year…
In the latest instalment of the series Steve Bridgewater looks back half a century to the aviation highlights of 1966


News from the Jet World

Heroes of Aviation
Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown was the most decorated Navy pilot in British history. Dave Unwin spoke to him on behalf of Jets just a few weeks before he died

Phabulous Phantom
Former RAF F-4 Phantom navigator Dave Gledhill recalls his days flying the big air-to-air interceptor

Museum Spotlight
After a £3 million year-long renovation, the American Air Museum reopened to the public in March. Steve Bridgewater reports from Duxford

Classics Compared
Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts the Rockwell B-1B Lancer and Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack