Jets - January/February 2016

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This special issue marking the success (or otherwise!) of VTOL technology includes:

Vertical Reality
Many tried but few manufacturers managed to perfect VTOL technology, as Steve Bridgewater explains

Going Up!
Richard Freail examines the development of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier; the world’s first operational V/STOL aircraft

From the Cockpit
Dave Unwin recalls a thrilling flight (and hover) in an RAF Harrier T.10


European Huns
Doug Gordon looks at the French, Danish and Turkish use of the F-100 Super Sabre

Avro Atlantic
Could the delta-winged Avro Atlantic have been a predecessor to Concorde? Richard Payne investigates why an airliner based on the Vulcan never took off

Road to Nowhere
Dr Dave Sloggett looks back 25 years to the first days of Operation Desert Storm

BA’s Final 737
Jacob Murphy looks back at the 35-year career of British Airways’ Boeing 737s

News Special: Could Vulcan XH558 fly again?
The Historic Aircraft Association’s Wally Epton thinks so!

Thirty years on from the maiden flight of Beech’s revolutionary Starship, Dave Hulls asks where it all went wrong

Temco’s Tinker Toy
Kimberley Hawkins asks why only 15TT-1 Pintos were built

Heroes of Aviation
John Greenwell takes a look at the career of test pilot and fighter ace Neville Duke


News from the Jet World

Museum Spotlight
Dr Nia Jones visits the National Air & Space Museum in the heart of Washington DC

Testing Times

Classics Compared
Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts two turboprop powered airliners – the Bristol Britannia and the Ilyushin Il-18

This was the year…
In the first of a new series Steve Bridgewater looks back 60 years to the aviation highlights of 1946