Jets - September/October 2015

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Jet Noise
News from the JetWorld

Military History The Midas Touch
The Ilyushin IL-78 tanker was used extensively in the USSR and Ukraine before being exported to other air forces. Babak Taghvee explains how the Midas has been coming to the aid of thirsty jets for over three decades

Classic Airliner The 747SP Story
Designed to exploit the gap between the Boeing 707 and the new 380-seat ‘Jumbo Jet’, the dumpy 747SP boasted remarkable long range. As Michael Allsop reveals, it also enabled a number of airlines to enter the world of widebody jets

Museum Spotlight USS Intrepid
Just a few minutes walk from the bright lights of Times Square and Broadway, the USS Intrepid is berthed in downtown New York City as a floating museum. Dr Nia Jones pays a visit to the ‘Floating I’

Commercial Aviation Pioneering Viscount
On July 29, 1950 the prototype Vickers Viscount became the first turboprop-powered airliner to carry fare-paying passengers. Kimberley Hawkins investigates

Military History Entente Discordiale
A first for international co-operation Richard Freail examines how the Anglo-French SEPECAT Jaguar came to be built

From the Cockpit Taming the Big Cat
Dave Unwin recalls the day he tried his hand at ground attack in a 6 Squadron SEPECAT Jaguar T.4

Military Aviation Canada’s Voodoos
The McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo served the Canadian Armed Forces for more than years. Robbie Shaw looks at the service life of the supersonic all-weather fighter interceptor and recalls his flight of a lifetime

Testing Times
The latest Jet related books and products on review

Record Breakers Multi Record Setting Galaxy
Earlier this year a Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy set no fewer than 45 records! Tom Pierce reveals all

Anniversary Advanced Tactical Fighter
Twenty five years on from the maiden flights of the Northrop/ McDonnell DouglasYF-23 and the LockheedYF-22, Kimberley Hawkins looks back at the USAF’s Advanced Tactical Fighter competition, which ultimately led to the F-22 Raptor fifth generation fighter aircraft

This month the Jets team of roaming reporters visit airshows and events at Biggin Hill, Cosford, Coventry, Fairford, Yeovilton and the Vulcan Salute to the V-Force Tour

Preservation ‘BOB’s RoadTrip
The RAF Museum’s Vickers VC10 has arrived at Cosford after a road trip down the M6 motorway! Steve Bridgewater reports on the immense work undertaken to ensure this important aircraft was preserved for the nation

Yakovlev’s First Jets Pete London looks at the Yakovlev Yak-15, Yak-17 and Yak-23 – three of the Soviet Union’s first successful jet fighters

Classics Compared Douglas DC-8 vs Convair CV-880
The Douglas DC-8 and competing Convair 880 enjoyed very different levels of success. Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts the two narrow-body jetliners