Jets - July/August 2015

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Jet Noise
News from the Jet World

Anniversary: North American’s Workhorse
Fifty years on from the maiden flight of the OV-10 Bronco, Kimberley Hawkins looks back at the history of the reconnaissance aircraft turned mud-mover

Preservation: Bavarian Bronco
Half a century after the first flight of the North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco, Jamie Ewan speaks to the Bronco Demo Team about OV-10B G-ONAA

Classic Airliner: Dash 7
Built only in modest numbers, the DHC‘Dash 7’ proved a versatile aircraft and accrued many fans among those who piloted, worked on or flew aboard the hardy propliner. Kimberley Hawkins looks back at 40 dashing years

News Special: Vulcan’s Final Fling
The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has announced that Avro Vulcan XH558 will retire at the end of the 2015 airshow season, but the iconic V-Bomber is set to go out in style

Testing Times
The latest in Jets related books and products put to the test

Dogfight: Stratojet Down
On July 1, 1960 a Soviet MiG- 19  shot down a USAF Boeing RB-47 Stratojet operating from RAF Brize Norton, killing four of the six-man crew. Steve Bridgewater tells their story

Museum of the Month: Udvar-Hazy Center
Where else can you see everything from Great War fighters and bombers to a Space Shuttle, SR-71 Blackbird and the Enola Gay? Dr Nia Jones reports from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington, DC

Military History: LTV’s ultimate bomb truck!
Richard Freail looks at the development and service of the A-7 Corsair II, which retired last year after nearly 50 years of unsung service

Memory Lane
Jets is all about rekindling the memories of days gone by. This month Ray Deacon recalls his time at RAF Khormaksar in Aden between 1962-64

Classic Airliner: Clobber – the Yak 42 story
The Russian Yakovlev Yak 42 ‘Clobber’ airliner recently joined the list of aircraft that are still in active service 40 years after making their maiden flights. Spencer Bennett looks back at its history

Showtime Special: Sun ’n Fun
The 2015 Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In and Expo took place at Lakeland Linder Airport in Florida from April 21-26 and featured a bevy of jets alongside the more familiar kitplanes and piston-powered warbirds

The Jets team travels to Abingdon, Bruntingthorpe, Coventry and Duxford

Anniversary: The Flying Oval Office
Twenty-five years after the USAF took delivery of its firstVC-25A, Steve Bridgewater looks at the history of Air Force One, from C-54 to 747 and beyond

Showtime Preview: The Art of Flight
The Guild of Aviation Artists’ 45th Annual Summer Exhibition

Military History: STOLen Dreams
Developed as rival designs hoping to win the USAF’s Advanced Medium STOL Transport contract, the Boeing YC-14 and McDonnell Douglas YC-15 showed much promise, yet neither would ever enter service. Paul Fiddian looks back at the competition

Pioneers: Alpine Attacker
The ill-fated FFA P-16 ground attack fighter never made it into production for the Swiss Air Force, but as Pete London reveals, it would spearhead the innovative Learjet programme

Classics Compared: Nimrod vs Poseidon
With increasing rumours that the much-missed Hawker Siddeley Nimrod may be replaced in RAF service by the Boeing P-8 Poseidon, Sebastian Morgan compares and contrasts two generations of maritime patrol aircraft